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Half-birds, half-maidens, the Sirens were notorious figures in mythological lore. Residing on an island of their own, they were known for luring sailors to their shores and slaying them with the sweetness of their song — it was simply too much for the travelers to bear.



Before they got their wings, the Sirens were companions of Persephone. But just how these creatures came to be depends on whose story you read. According to some accounts, when Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, the Sirens prayed for wings to fly and find her. As others tell it, the wings were given to the Sirens as a curse for letting Persephone be lost.



As the myth goes, the Sirens were undeniable, but the hero Odysseus knew as much. Upon approaching their island, he instructed his men to stuff beeswax in their ears to block out their sound, and to tie him to their ship’s mast so he could safely listen to their song, no matter how hard he pleaded. It took his entire team to keep him from abandoning ship and swimming toward their call. Oysseus’s victory was the Sirens’ defeat. They never sang again.



Inspired by The Siren Vase, the Ancient Greek vessel depicting Odysseus’s victorious voyage, Vada sets sail with its maiden eyewear voyage for Spring 2020. The eyewear in the Siren collection is inspired by their namesake and are hybrids themselves: Each pair features gemone-inspired frames, gold-tone adornments, and rivets designed to hold Vada’s gold chain retainers, making VADA Eyes eyewear and jewelry at once.



Campaign Shot in Los Angeles By Kristen Jan Wong, Featuring Princess Gollum
Creative Direction By Katie Caplener, Art Direction By Alexis Sepkovic
Makeup/ Hair By Francie Tomalinis, Production Assistance By Andjelina Belcastro
Wardrobe Assistance By Juin McGowan, Special Thanks to CHELSEA MAK




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