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Amidst a time when we are all at once, collectively craving an escape, VADA presents ‘Spaceship Earth’, a series of digital postcards by internationally published mixed media artist Katy Shayne.


“Neons, outer space, a sticky slug... things jump out at you when you're image-cruising online. Working with the frames’ colors and their namesakes, I toyed with some old motel bedroom imagery to start. I love a dab of irony, or a pinch of the surreal. The space imagery was a playful dig at [commercial] imagery of the midcentury- a time when advertisers made products appear to be bigger than life with a bang. They are not out of reach though, and made to last a trip to space and back. How do you present a great design that already presents itself because of its great design? You simply highlight what's already perfection.” - Katy Shayne








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