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In our ongoing efforts to support sustainability, every VADA order is mindfully packaged using eco-friendly materials from US facilities that operate exclusively on wind and solar energy.

Our shipping box is printed with all-natural vegetable inks on 100% Post Consumer Waste recycled paper, padded with 100% PCW & PIW corrugated-cardboard, and sealed with craft paper tape in our custom Greek-key print repeat. All packaging items are then fully recyclable (with inks/ tapes that are friendly to the recycling process), naturally biodegradable and compostable.



Our USA-handmade warranty card is printed on 100% PCW seed-paper that can be planted to produce USDA Approved Non-GMO wildflowers, both an eye catching porch accessory and a food source for our important pollinators.



Furthermore, our VADA Eyes Collection is accompanied by our endlessly reusable and repurpose-able eyewear cases— provided in collaboration with Stasher. Made from pure platinum silicone, they can be used (and reused) to help replace single-use plastic in any lifestyle. Great for saving everything from your Vada jewelry to travel essentials to the planet, Stasher bags are meant to save what matter. 



We like to think that by using these materials, we are putting VADA’s supply chain on the path towards an ecologically netpositive future- one that leads to carbon reduction and a healthier environment for all of the earth’s inhabitants.



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