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Looking for a crash course in eyewear education? Well take a seat because school is in session.



All VADA eyewear is designed and constructed with the understanding that everyone’s face is unique. Our use of top-quality, cured cellulose acetate allows for each frame to be adjusted to the wearer's precise facial shape. For the best fit and to ensure your frames last a lifetime, take your handcrafted VADA frames to your local optician for an initial custom fitting. These experts can help position the temples to properly hug your ears and/ or the front frame curvature to ensure they sit snugly on your face, without imbalancing the frames or putting undue pressure on the bridge of your nose or temples.




VADA frames aren’t just for show. You can adapt any of our frame styles to suit your individual vision needs. Our frames are constructed with lenses that can easily be swapped out for your prescription lenses, transition lenses, or even custom color-tinted lenses. Whereas most brands use cheap throw-away lenses, VADA’s frames are delivered with scratch-resistant, blue-light-blocking & anti-reflective lenses already installed. This is both eco-friendly as well as helpful to those, like us, who spend a ton of time in front of a blue light screen (which has been proven to cause headaches, fatigue and dry eyes).




Keeping your VADA frames clean is easy; just use the microfiber eyewear bag that came with your glasses to wipe away any smudges or light dirt (they’re made of soft, recycled microfibers). If necessary, use room temperature water for a more thorough cleaning. Our frames are made from cured organic acetate, therefore they are sensitive to extreme heat. VADA frames should not be left in hot cars or prolonged exposure to sunlight, in order to maintain the integrity of the frames and lenses. We wouldn't want your newly fitted frames to stretch out.






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