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Ever heard the phrase "see the world through rose colored glasses"? Well, seeing the world through rose colored glasses actually has its benefits. 

Scientific research reveals that color can greatly influence the condition of our emotions and health, as well as causing positive reactions in our minds and bodies. But how do you know what colored lenses you should be looking through? We've got you covered. Keep reading to find out the benefits of our lens colors.



BROWN/ORANGE LENSES: These lenses are good for variable lighting conditions. Known to enhance contrast and improve depth perception, particularly in low light. Great for overcast, hazy, and foggy conditions. These colors block blue light as well!

BLUE LENSES: Enhances the contours around objects and improves the color perception while having a calming effect on the eyes. This tint reduces glare in many situations. Perfect for sunny activities and snowy conditions. 

GREY LENSES: Suitable for both cloudy and sunny days, providing anti-fatigue benefits and overall protection from glare. It’s known to help give you the truest color perception. Great for general use, from driving to outdoor activities.

GREEN LENSES: Green is a mixture between the brown and grey lenses. This tint provides better contrast than grey lenses and transmits color accuracy better than brown lenses. Ideal for both sunny and low-light conditions. Known to dim glare while brightening shadows.

YELLOW LENSES: Perfect for low light conditions. Provides clarity on a hazy day. Also filters out Blue Light that can cause eye strain. Yellow is a personal favorite for evening and nighttime use.

RED/PINK LENSES: Known to help your eyes adjust to contrast. Helps reduce eye strain due to the color being comforting to look through while also helps to block Blue Light. Another favorite for evening wear.







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