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References exist, naturally, at unexpected intersections: Crowded crosswalks and crystal-clear constellations. The 80's underground and 80 mile-per-hour highways. High-rises and the high plains.

Also called to mind are Donald Judd's Marfa, Texas, and the art island of Naoshima, Japan. Remote zones of insulated inspiration, these towns are unified in their separateness, related in their singularity. Both are places where the natural world collides with supernatural works of art. They speak their soliloquies into the surrounding silence, yet echo one another from across the Earth.



It is in this spirit that VADA Eyes was formed – of juxtaposition, geometry and jazz. Of feminine and masculine, of artist and object. Of reverence and rebellion. Convening at the corner of Watanabe's disco punks and vintage rhinestone cowboys, where watercolor skies meet dusty desert terrain: Tokio, Texas, a ghost town in the far western reaches of the state. 



Our Asian-American graphic designer's intention in creating the Tokio bag design was meant as a “celebration of harmony”. This ethos was the inspiration behind our entire “Tokio, Texas” Collection which was designed during early Covid quarantine and meant to symbolize the interconnectedness between our Asian and US-based teams as we developed these products across continents. 




Tokio, named for the town named for the town, the Tokio is VADA's nod to Ska fashion and the 1980's Tokyo underground scene.







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